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Hi everyone!! I know it had been a while since I posted and I am terribly sorry! I have been so caught up with work and everything else, I haven’t spend too many time with my dolls. Sadly, I lost my bond with my two newest dolls, Kuro and Shiro. It doesn’t mean I don’t lover them. I still very much enjoy their characters but I just cant bond with the dolls themselves. I think it is because I got them so close to my deployment date and I haven spent much time with them. Also, I felt as if they should have been MSD size all along.

I have sold Kiro already, and now waiting on Shiro to get sold as well. I already have molds in mind for their reshell and I think I can really love them now. Especially since I am about to go back to United States, more dollies time for me!

I also plan on getting a 1/6 doll. I really love ASdoll Hancy and I think she would make the prefect first yosd for me. Of course, the wait time is going to kill me. I can’t wait to make clothes for my new (and smaller) dolls!

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Progress photo of the latest dress I am working on. The pattern is modded so the bust can fit better a.k.a no nipple popping. 
I love this fabric so much. I found it in Wal-Mart while I was browsing and I had to take at least a yard, not even knowing what I will make. The colors and the cross patterns, just reminds me of a magical girl! Knowing Viva, this will be an adorable (and sexy) magical girl outfit for her. (The crosses even sparkle!) There are a little more I want to add but this is about finish. Then, I will need to think of a hair accessory. I want to make a hat, like her witch hat from her witch costume. I’m thinking like a big fancy hat, like the one Audrey Hepburn wore in My Fair Lady. 
Once again, I hope the final results pay off :3
Ohayo! It has been a while since I updated, but I recently just got internet in my new (barracks) room. Yup! I’m in Okinawa right now and I am adoring this little island! The locals are nice and I do not feel so out of place. A week prior, I had my dolls, sewing machine, art materials and all the extra junk shipped out here in a huge plastic footlocker. I’m glad they arrived safe and sound, no broken fingers. 
This is a dress pattern I am working on. I’m trying to make dresses that can fit almost all sizes. So far, this is able to fit a regular SD girl, NYID and SID. The wonders of corset lacing! 
Hopefully, I will have new photos sometime this week. We are still settling in so we have a bit more free time until the rest of my squadron arrives. I did not bring too many dolly goodies so my goal is to make them all brand new wardrobes! (This includes shoes too!)

I’m having a dilemma. I actually…thought about getting one or two msd and yosd. I mean, I dunno if I am ready for different sizes yet but…I can finally own that cute 1/6 outfit or those adorable 1/4 shoes! The only issue is, I dunno which to get first. I would still very much want my Iplehouse boy and I can only spend so much on dolls. I still have other characters to buy!

I actually want fantasy msd and yosd dolls. I just cannot resist them, especially that skeleton girl from Aileendoll. Yikes!

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10 random facts {Shiro} @redbeanpetit4s

Awesome doll meet yesterday! Sadly, i was in a rush and I forgot to bring my camera, so no photos. It was just a small gathering but we sat for hours and chatted about dolls and other stuff. It was really fun! Really got me into the dolly mood :D

I also made peanut butter nutella banana heart shaped sandwiches and it was GONE. Hehe <3

It’s kinda sad to know that was my last meetup before I leave for Japan (next week). I’ll be back in 7 months, until then, I hope everyone is well!

I know I just gotten two new dolls, and I said I wasn’t going to get anymore dolls till next year…but I did thought about getting myself another doll for my birthday.I haven’t decided who yet, but I think I want a boy. A big boy. I have plans for another girl (a tan Supia girl) but I’m lacking a big boy in my doll family. I already have the characters and I’m still planning on the molds. I think I will go with Wong, my Chinese-Hong Kong character, who is a major goofball and loyal martial artist. The mold I’ve picked out for him is Iplehouse Eric. I really like that youthful face, and that smile is really charming. It really suits Wong. I’m probably going to pair it with a Spiritdoll Proud body, but we all know looking for parts will be the most annoying. I really don’t mind getting him as the Eric full set, in a peach gold or real skin tone, but I just don’t want to deal with finding shoes and clothes for him! Perhaps SID wouldn’t be as bad as EID…*looks at Minerva* I’ll just have to see when my birthday is approaching :)

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Random dolly facts

In case anyone wanna know little secrets about each of my characters.

Minerva (Iplehouse Carina)

Viva (Iplehouse Rexy)

Kuro (Beyours Tree)

Shiro (Beyours Primarose)

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birth @redbeanpetit4s
Kuro is the older of the twins by a few minutes. When Shiro was born, his appearance confused their parents as well as the medical team.  They were so shocked, they forgot the names they had already picked out for them. Because of this, the doctor said they should just name them after their hair color. Therefore, they are Black and White. Creative, eh?